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Protocol of Cooperation between BSU&FSE

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Statute of Balkan Speleological Union (BSU)

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Statute_BSU-2014-official_last_version.pdf - actual version 

Old version of the BSU Statute  is below:

Section 1- Definition
Art.1. The Balkan Speleological Union (BSU) is a speleological organization of Balkan countries which accept this Statute.
Art. 2. The BSU was founded during the First Meeting of National Speleological Organizations of Balkan countries in Vratza, Bulgaria, on September 7th 2002...

It’s duration is unlimited.
Art.3. The BSU has it’s Headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, Bld. Vassil Levski No 75.
Art.4. The BSU is covered by the International Union of Speleology.

Section 2- Purpose
Art.5. The purposes of BSU are:
a).To promote sport and scientific Speleology in the World and especially on the Balkan Peninsula by exploration, training, publications, mutual information, etc. BSU is particularly concerned with cave rescue and cave preservation.
b). To support the institutions of each country member of BSU in matters concerning karst, caves and Speleology.
c). To work for better connections between the cavers and the speleological organizations of Balkan countries by sharing information, experience, mutual visits, joint expeditions, etc.
d). For achieving this purposes the BSU forms organs with representatives of all countries members.
Art. 6. It sets up and organizes all activities and structures necessary to reach these goals, such as commissions, working groups, meetings, etc.


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