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Statute of Balkan Speleological Union (BSU)

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Statute_BSU-2014-official_last_version.pdf - actual version 

Old version of the BSU Statute  is below:

Section 1- Definition
Art.1. The Balkan Speleological Union (BSU) is a speleological organization of Balkan countries which accept this Statute.
Art. 2. The BSU was founded during the First Meeting of National Speleological Organizations of Balkan countries in Vratza, Bulgaria, on September 7th 2002...

It’s duration is unlimited.
Art.3. The BSU has it’s Headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, Bld. Vassil Levski No 75.
Art.4. The BSU is covered by the International Union of Speleology.

Section 2- Purpose
Art.5. The purposes of BSU are:
a).To promote sport and scientific Speleology in the World and especially on the Balkan Peninsula by exploration, training, publications, mutual information, etc. BSU is particularly concerned with cave rescue and cave preservation.
b). To support the institutions of each country member of BSU in matters concerning karst, caves and Speleology.
c). To work for better connections between the cavers and the speleological organizations of Balkan countries by sharing information, experience, mutual visits, joint expeditions, etc.
d). For achieving this purposes the BSU forms organs with representatives of all countries members.
Art. 6. It sets up and organizes all activities and structures necessary to reach these goals, such as commissions, working groups, meetings, etc.



Section 3 – Membership
Art. 7. The Balkan countries are represented in the BSU by their speleological Federations or Associations. They are included in BSU after signing this Statute.
Art.8. Each country’s organization is free to decide it’s own procedure for selecting a delegate.

Section 4 – Structure of the BSU
Art.9. Organs of the BSU are the General Assembly and the Bureau.
Art.10. The General Assembly is composed by delegates (one each member country).
Art.11. The Bureau is composed of a President, a Vice-President , a Secretary General (who is also a Treasurer) and of two Members. The President, the Vice-President and the two members are delegates of their countries ex officio.
Art.12. The members of the Bureau are elected from the General Assembly by a secret ballot position by position, on recommendation by their national organizations.
Art.13. The duration office for each member of the Bureau is 2 years. No member of the Bureau can serve on the same position for more than two consecutive terms, except for the Secretary General, who may serve for 3 terms and, in case of unanimity, this terms can be prolonged.

Section 5 — Responsibilities of the Bureau and the General Assembly
Art.14. The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the BSU. The General Assembly defines, orientates, and controls the general politic of the BSU. Only the General Assembly has the right and the power to modify the Statute. The General Assembly elects the members of the Bureau. The reports of the Bureau have to be approved by the General Assembly.
Art.15 The Bureau is the executive organ of the BSU. At the end of each period of 2 years, it presents to the General Assembly the report of its activities in the shape of a general and financial report. The Bureau proposes a provisional budget. The interim decisions of the Bureau have to be approved by the General Assembly.
Art.16. The President manages the BSU and represents it legally. He presides over the meetings of the Bureau and of the General Assembly and coordinates the good execution of decisions at the meetings.
Art.17. The Vice President assists the President in his work. The Vice President should be able to replace the President. In case of vacating the President’s position the Vice-President fulfils the President’s duties until the next General Assembly.
Art.18. The Secretary General is in charge of the organization of administrative work. He (she) prepares the reports at the meetings of the Bureau and of the General Assembly. He keeps updated the list of delegates and maintains the archive of the Union. He is responsible for the smooth running of the BSU.
Art.19. The Secretary General is also in charge of the finances of the BSP. He is of accounting and reports to the General Assembly. He prepares the financial report of each period and prepares the budget. He regularly informs the Bureau on the financial status of the BSU and acts under the guidance of the President.

Section 6 — Function of the BSU
Art.20. The General Assembly holds a meeting at least every two years. The members of the General Assembly are informed by the Secretary General with consent of the President of the exact place and dates of the meeting. Provisional agenda must be mentioned in the announcement. The agenda is prepared by the Bureau. Any proposal signed by at least two delegates must be included into the agenda. The members of the General Assembly are sent a letter by registered mail at least 90 days in advance.
Art.21. A meeting of the General Assembly may be called either by the President or after the written demand of a least one third of the delegates.
Art. 22. All delegates have the right to vote. This right could be suspended by the General Assembly in the cases mentioned in Art. 31. Decisions are taken by a simple majority of the votes (more than 50% of the delegates present or empowered by other delegates to vote). In case of equal vote the vote of the President is decisive.
Art. 23. A quorum of the General Assembly must be more than 50 % of the members physically present at the meeting.
Art.24. The reports of meetings of the General Assembly and of the Bureau are sent to each delegate and to the President of the national speleological organization of each Balkan country.
Art.25. A delegate may be changed provided the President of the BSU is immediately informed. If this delegate is a member of the Bureau then he (she) will be replaced by the normal democratic procedure at the next meeting of the General Assembly.
Art.26. The financial resources of the BSU may come from:
* annual fees by the member countries. The amount is determined by the General Assembly.
* Contributions may also come from different sources such as private or official institutions, or learned societies, commercial societies, etc, provided this is approved by the Bureau.
* Other gifts.
* Bank interest.
* Raising a loan.
* The sale of publications and any other articles.
* From any other sources approved by the Bureau.

Section 7 —Rules of changing statutes and the dissolution of BSU
Art.27. The General Assembly is the sole institution with power to change the rules of the BSU. Any modification must be approved by at least two thirds of all delegates of the countries members.
Art.28. The dissolution of the BSU may be decided by the General Assembly (at least two thirds of all members). The proposal for dissolution must be sent to them at least 90 days before the session.
Art.29. In case of dissolution the belongings of the BSU will be shared between the member countries according to the money or assets contributed by them since their joining the BSU.
Art.30. Any member country pulling out of the BSU by its own will, shall in no case receive any payment or compensation.
Art.31. In case of non-payment of annual fees or heavy infraction of the rules or the spirit of this Statute the right of a delegate to vote may be suspended by the General Assembly in an plenary session with the majority of two thirds of the member countries.

Section 8 — Miscellaneous provisions
Art.32. The General Assembly will be authorized to give an honorific title to any person with particular merits for the Balkan Speleology.
Art.33. This Statute comes into effect and Balkan Speleological Union will be considered legally founded after the signing of the Statute by at least five national speleological organizations of Balkan countries.

Signed in Vratza at 7 September, 2002 .

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